Alpha Fuel XT Review – Build Lean Muscles & Improve Sex Drive

Alpha Fuel XT Review – Build Lean Muscles & Improve Sex Drive
8.1 Total Score
  • Increase testosterone level of your body
  • Increase overall energy of body
  • Improve libido level for better sex drive
  • Decrease the recovery time
  • Decrease soreness and inflammation

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Do you want to build leans muscles faster without unpleasant side effects on your body?

The research found that testosterone level begins to lower with the increasing age and quality of your health begins to decline. For perfect health and body, proper diet, quality exercise and supplements play an important role to keep you maintained and active.

More than the half of the testosterone boosters in the market have no clinical support and after reviewing different products, ingredients, side effects and customer reviews, we found Alpha Fuel XT and to give you all the necessary information about this product, we condensed the information in a well-defined review.

By the end of Alpha Fuel XT review, you’ll end up in knowing all about this muscle building supplement before trying it out.

Let’s get started…

Alpha Fuel XT Review

Alpha Fuel XT is natural testosterone booster blended with natural ingredients to increase overall energy and stamina of your body. It also promotes weight loss by burning the extra fat of your body and increase muscle mass to help in getting the lean muscles faster.

It boosts your metabolism to provide you higher amount of energy in the form of glucose so you can exercise for long-term workout sessions without even feeling overwhelmed.

Low testosterone level is the common reason for muscle builder to not to see the desired results and it’s found that 70% of testosterone level lowers between the age 25 and 40. You may develop some healthy diet plan to improve your health but with lower testosterone level, you won’t see such effective muscle gain. Alpha Fuel XT is specially designed to build ripped muscles without any unwanted reaction to your body.

Alpha Fuel XT helps you in fighting the problem of low testosterone from every side. One extract works in increasing the production of testosterone and other prevents the breakdown of testosterone to estrogen. It works in a natural increase in testosterone level that results in muscle gains, more power and stamina to your body.

We receive different questions from bodybuilders that even after long-term hard exercise workout session, they couldn’t notice any improvement in their muscle. In fact, they claimed that it has become a wall for them and they don’t know how to break it.

Alpha Fuel XT makes your body energized so you eager to hit the gym for workout sessions and due to increased testosterone level, it keeps you motivated and encourages to break this wall of stoppage.

After using this supplements, we found that most of them claimed that they were able to lift heavy weight for a long time period and there was a significant boost in their muscle gain.

Manufacturers of Alpha Fuel XT

We found that company behind this product is Science Alpha and after researching we found that they don’t have any official website for business or product promotion.

But you can purchase this product directly from Amazon. After researching about the company, we found that they’ve got the team of scientists who collaborate to produce the purest and finest products for muscle building and body health.

Ingredients Used to Make Alpha Fuel XT

Alpha Fuel XT made with a variety of natural and herbal supplements to help you achieve your muscle building goals. Here are the ingredients of this supplement:

Long Jack Root

Also known as Tongkat Ali, if you’ll look for the ingredients other testosterone boosters then you’ll definitely find it there. It stimulates your body to release more testosterone and it’s been using in Asia from a long time to increase energy and strength of your body.

It works by increasing the serum level of free testosterone which proved to be more effective in promoting sex drive and decreasing fatigue while increasing the energy side by side.

You will find this in Super Male Vitality, Testoboost Pro and many other muscle building supplements.

Nettle Root

It’s also known as stinging nettle root as it’s taken from a plant named as stinging nettle. Just like Tongkat Ali, you’ll find this ingredient in many other bodybuilding supplements. This ingredient works directly in increasing the testosterone level and provided relief from pain in muscles and joints.

Supports your kidney function to remove toxic byproducts from your body to keep that may otherwise overwhelm you. In addition, it has been found to be great in post-workout supplements.

Tribulus Terrestris

This the potent medicine for the cardiovascular system mainly in Asian countries. In fact, it was the main part of life for many in China, India and other Asian countries for the ailment of different diseases. It improves your sexual drive to enjoy the pleasure during bedtime. It’s also been found in boosting the testosterone level.

In the cardiovascular system, it lowers the cholesterol level and maintains the blood pressure. It’s nearly impossible in many supplements to miss this ingredient and we’ve also found it in most of the products reviewed. It’s safe and natural while promoting good prostate health.

Piper Nigrum

Commonly known as Bioperine which is an extract of black pepper, has great benefits for men health and fitness. If you’ve tried many supplements then absorption of minerals and nutrients remains an issue. This ingredient doesn’t work in increasing the testosterone level but it works in the proper absorption of nutrients and their effect on your health.

It mainly important for people with lacking digestive systems. It improves the performance of ingredients which works in increasing the testosterone level so it works indirectly in boosting the testosterone.

Mucuna Pruriens

Well known as Cowhage, this ingredient is taken from bean plant. It has been using from a long time in India and Carribean to diagnose the lower testosterone level but as compared to other ingredients, this is not the best testosterone booster.

In fact, studies concluded that this ingredient works in increasing the free testosterone level. It’s found to be effective for people who have a normal or low level of testosterone.

Avena Sativa

Avena Sativa also known as Oat Straw, a simple and humble plan product. This ingredient formulated with unripened Oat straw and being getting sale under many other names.

It has been found in clinical trials that it boost the free testosterone level and have a number of benefits like increasing cognitive function and improving mental clarity.

Some people claim that this product potents poor men over the counter viagra and one study from a graduate school of California conducted it’s able to increases the free testosterone level. Other studies also showed that Avena Sative also promotes sex drive to have a pleasurable bedtime.


This bright orange weed subjected to many research trials and it has been found that it’s important for increasing the testosterone level, increasing muscle mass and boosting the overall energy of the body. In a recent study, it has been noticed that there was 17% increase in testosterone level in the people who took ashwagandha on daily basis and with no side effects on your health.

We believe that every testosterone booster supplement must add this as it’s potent for boosting testosterone level.


Shortly known as DIM, has antioxidant benefits. This is found in many foods and acts as phytonutrient. It prevents the inflammation and damage from heavy muscle use. If it’s taken on a regular basis then it prevents the testosterone from converting into estrogen and thus maintain the testosterone level.

Further, it can the following active ingredients:

  • Zinc: It works in increasing your focus.
  • Curcumin: It’s a super fat burner ingredient in this supplement.
  • Maca: It increases your libido and sex drive and expands your testosterone level.
  • Horny Goat Weed: Found in many testosterone boosters, works in fat burning by increasing the core temperature of your body.
  • Holy Basil: It’s also a testosterone booster which cures infertility.
  • Fenugreek: Just like Maca, it increases your libido to improve sex drive.

Alpha Fuel XT – Does it Work?

Alpha Fuel XT blended with natural ingredients to increase the testosterone level, muscle gain and to increase overall energy of the body. It contains fat burners which increase the core temperature of your body to restrain the storing fats.

This supplement also increases your metabolism to boost the glucose level to provide more energy to your body. It will indirectly work in weight loss since this product will fulfill your energy requirements and you’ll have a lower appetite. Further, it boosts your sex drive to make the bedtime pleasurable for you.

Is Alpha Fuel XT Scam or Legit?

Alpha Fuel XT is totally legit and not a scam. Some people promote this product by making some fake advertorial sites but it never means that it’s a fake product. So, feel free to use this product without even being scammed.

Side Effects of Alpha Fuel XT

According to the manufacturing, this product is made with natural ingredients and doesn’t have any side effects at all. But it some cases it has been found that it makes the user aggressive as it contains Horny Goat Weed.

Pros of Alpha Fuel XT

Following are the aids of using this product:

  • Increase the testosterone level
  • Boost the metabolism and overall energy of the body
  • Improve sex drive to make bedtime pleasurable
  • Acts as a fat burner to promote weight loss
  • Enhances the performance during workout sessions
  • Keeps you motivated to achieve your bodybuilding and fitness goals
  • Improve blood circulation to improve muscle gain
  • Gives the ability to lift heavy weights
  • Decreases the recovery time
  • Decreases soreness and inflammation
  • Ingredients work in better absorption of nutrients

Cons of Alpha Fuel XT

The major disadvantages of this product are as follows:

  • Not available in local stores
  • Not suitable for teenagers
  • Expensive supplement
  • Horny Got Weed found to be allergen for some people
  • People under any medication should consult a doctor first, before trying it out

Customers Reviews or Testimonials

Before trying out this product, let’s see how it worked for other people.


My boyfriend takes this product and hes hooked on them. It does make him sweat pretty much constantly (even when driving in the car with the AC on, when we get to our destination, his back is covered in sweat!) but its a noticeable difference in how easy it is him for to lose weight and the intensity of his workouts. His muscles, especially his biceps and shoulders, are more defined and chiseled when hes on these compared to when hes not, even if nothing else changed like diet or time in the gym. Long story short, these things work! (1)

Albert Rodriguez

This worked just fine for me. As long as you understand, this isn’t a wonder drug. You can take it and just sit back on the couch and expect it to shed the pounds for you. I hit the gym four days a week and I noticed the difference the first day I started using it. I felt a jolt of energy during my workout and pushed harder than I usually do. And when I’m usually done with my workout, after I shower, I feel relaxed and tired. After taking this, after my shower, I felt I could keep going. I bought a 30 day supply with the understanding that I would try it for a month and that’s it. But seeing how well it works, I will buy a another supply until I feel I don’t need it anymore. (2)

But still, we could also found some bad reviews about this product. Sometimes, competitors do some black techniques to harm the popularity of the product by putting some negative reviews.

Anyhow, we could found the bad reviews…

J Forzetting

Does nothing, waste of money. (3)

Vincent G

This product is a joke, not healthy or helpful anyway! Didn’t effect my normal workouts, didn’t increase stamina, didn’t add to energy level, sex drive etc…Just spent money, needlessly. (4)

Cost of Alpha Fuel XT

Alpha Fuel XT costs $43.69 per bottle and contains 60 capsules. You can order it directly from Amazon.

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Final Verdict

This product is specially designed for people who are interested in boosting to testosterone level to increase muscle gain. It is blended with natural ingredients which helps in enhancing the metabolism to increase the energy level of your body.

It decreases post-workout recovery time and improves your libido level to enjoy better sex drive. By using this product, you can lift heavy weights without even muscle fatigue and inflammation.

It’s available on Amazon with price $43.69 per bottle. Rush your order directly from Amazon.

Everything you need to know about this product has given in Alpha Fuel XT review.

If you’ve any question in your mind then feel free to ask or if you’ve used this product then must your reviews about this product.

8.1 Total Score
Alpha Fuel XT

Alpha Fuel XT is natural testosterone booster blended with natural ingredients to increase overall energy and stamina of your body.

  • Increase testosterone level of your body
  • Increase overall energy of body
  • Improve libido level for better sex drive
  • Decrease the recovery time
  • Decrease soreness and inflammation
  • Not Available in Local Stores
  • Not for Children Under 18
  • Not Suitable for Pregnant Women
  • Not Suitable for People Under Medication
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