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Apex Serum of Life by Apex vitality is an anti-aging solution made for elder people whose skin getting rugged and broken.

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Are you tired of rough discolor aging skin which causes wrinkles on the face?

As the body grows an older epidermal layer of skin become sagging with the decrease in cell growth, collagen and elastin which are responsible for the tightening and flexibility of skin. Collagen and elastin proteins get affected by a number of factors like smoking, poor blood circulation, weak muscles, less red blood cells, sun effect, nervousness and environmental effects.

The need of the hour is to get the best solution for the aging problem so that one can look younger, active, attractive and get the charming skin.

There are many anti-aging serums available in the market today and here Apex Serum of Life is one of them. We studied thoroughly its all features, benefits and side effects. Additionally, we read hundreds of customers reviews and comments then we summarize the information into a well-defined Apex Serum of Life review.

By the end of the Apex Serum of Life review,  you'll be completely aware of everything related to Apex Serum of Life.

Let's get started…

Apex Serum of Life Review

Apex Serum of Life by Apex vitality is an anti-aging solution made for elder people whose skin getting rugged and broken. The organic product reduces fine lines and wrinkles by giving fresh, juvenile, radiant and soft skin. The product is clinically tested and used to retain the qualities of youth to the skin.

There is no need of painful injections or surgeries as this active product present in the form of serum, firm the skin by boosting the number of collagen fibers of connective tissue.

The serum is quite affordable and gives health benefits to the skin by protecting against the sun effects especially ultraviolet rays UVA and UVB. These rays decrease the capacity of the body to fight against microbes and maladies which weaken the immune system and cause skin cancer, give premature aging, and damage the epidermal layer.

These ingredients protect skin against the dangerous UVA, UVB rays and elevate the healthy factors to the skin. The formula full of natural minerals deeply cleanses and hydrate the skin by keeping it moisturized. These lines appear on the face mostly near the eyes and give rise to crows feet.

Sunburn is the main reason of crows feet. Apex Serum of Life guards skin against crows feet effect and maintain bloom whiten skin.

How Does Apex Serum of Life Work?

The growing skin faces a number of factors like less hydration, lines, lessen collagen fibers, fewer peptides, low elastin and a smaller number of cells. These become the reason for discoloration, smashed and sagging skin. The powerful antioxidants boost cell growth to keep the agile process continues.

The nutrients get absorbed in the skin and provide moisture to keep skin fresh and misty. By increasing and protecting the existing collagen and elastin they reduce wrinkles. The antioxidants secure skin from ultraviolet rays and free radicals.


Ingredients of Apex Serum of Life

Apex Serum of Life subsist on following healthy ingredients:

Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat germ oil consists of more than 23 healthy nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin D, vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids, calcium and iron. It gives moisture to skin and keeps skin moist. It fights against free radicals, suntan and maintains light complexion. It boosts healthy collagen production. The vitamin E present in this oil aid in new cells formation, treat burn and cracked skin very well.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is seafood full of vitamin A, E and F. It gives SPF~6 UV protection. It synthesizes fatty acids and collagen for the skin. Shea butter gives moisturizing to dry skin, anti-inflammation and a creamy velvety appearance by declining wrinkles.


Collagen plays a vital role as its found in all living cells and tissues throughout the body. It provides a matrix to perpetuate structure and supple tendons, skin and cartilage. More collagen level leads to decrease in lines, enhance tranquility and condensation.

Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3

It increases the synthesis of elastin, collagen and glycosaminoglycans which maintain overall skin appearance and tightens it.


MSM is considered to be natural beauty mineral as it enhances collagen and keratin synthesis. It keeps the cell more hydrated by blushing out all the harmful substances and keep the cells more porous. It prevents the skin inflammation to treat pimples and other lesions.

Pros of Apex Serum of Life

Apex Serum of Life is totally organic and natural product which give following well beings to the body.

  • 100% safe and effective
  • Removes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Boosts new cell formation
  • Make you look 2 to 5 years younger immediately
  • Prevents the crows feet
  • Rich in vitamin A,D,E and minerals like calcium and iron
  • Deeply cleanse the skin and keep moisturized
  • Maintain the shape and outline of dull skin
  • Improves the complexion and make fairer
  • Provide continuous water, collagen, elastin and keratin
  • Protects against UVA and UVB effects
  • Maintains the flexibility of skin

Cons of Apex Serum of Life

The anti wrinkles serum is quite natural but just a few disadvantages of using it are

  • Available only in US and Canada
  • Only meant for people above age 18
  • Not approved by FDA
  • People who are suffering from some medication or disorders should consult their physician before using it
  • The product doesn't mean to treat, prevent any kind of disease
  • Always follow the usage method written on the cover
  • Pregnant or nursing women shouldn't use it

Side effects of Apex Serum of Life

Apex Serum of Life is a quite organic product as such it has no side effects at all. Customers are quite satisfied with its outcomes, it shows well on regular usage.

Is Apex Serum of Life Scam or Legit?

Apex Serum of Life is an anti-aging solution and we've made it sure from many customers and websites that it's not a scam product. It's a totally legit supplement which gives healthy outcomes.

How to Use Apex Serum of Life?

For best outcomes, the company advised to use it in the following way

  • Wash the face with soap or cleanser and dry it well.
  • Apply the serum to the face and neck area and massage for a minute to absorb it completely.
  • Enjoy the immediate and benefits outcomes.

Customers Reviews or Testimonials

Before buying any product, it's completely good to see other people's suggestions and comments regarding this product

Shella, ON

The best part that I noticed in this product is that the ingredients are all healthy. On using this first time skin became soft like baby but the results are quite slow. I'm using it from past 3 months but my lines are still prominent lets move on with the hope that it'll give results in near future.

Mariana, TX

My beauty expert recommended me to use it for my head lines as they're much obvious on the forehead area. It worked normal I saw many people before and after results were amazing but in my case it worked normal. I'll recommend everyone not to use it.

Alisha, BO

Apex Serum of Life is very well fame product in our residential area specially my all neighbor ladies use it for their skin to get tighten well skin. The positive point that it gave was it keeps my face hydrated for much time, as a regular user of this product I found it well and perfect anti aging solution if one use it for 3 times a day otherwise the results remain dumb on often use.

Bynotta, OK

The product is actually good but the problem I faced that I just ordered the free trail then received the product for months and they were also charged me I remained astonished but kept using it as the product was satisfying me. After that many times later the product is on auto ship program and if we don't cancel the order we'll continue receiving it. So I recommend people to use it its quite good but always make knowledge about the purchase system very well that there's trail offer but do follow the cancellation procedure if you don't want to use it further


Cost or Business Info – Where to Buy or Get Free Trial?

The product is available as a free trial that you can order on their official website.

When you order free trial you automatically get enrolled in the Auto-ship program to receive one bottle every month and if you don't want to buy it then it becomes necessary to cancel the auto ship program so that they'll not charge you further.

If they don't charge you the $84.99, they will bill you at a discounted rate of $29.99 and they still don't charge you then they will bill you at the discounted rate of $19.99. The subscription program will continue for 24 months unless you cancel it.

Feel free to rush your risk-free trial directly from their official website.

However, the auto-ship prices may vary due to change in prices with the time. For having the billing account the customer has to provide his complete information regarding credit card, name, address and add card expiry.

You may return your package to PO Box 40424 Houston, TX 77240. You'll receive a refund within 3 to 5 business days but the product should be in its original packing and sealed. You will be given the refund with following deductions

Restocking fee is $10

Product shipping and handling cost is $7

Before return or any further queries call them at 1-866-258-3924 (Toll-Free US and Canada).

Final Verdict

Apex Serum of Life is a very effective anti-aging solution that is made on all the herbal basis. The vitamins and minerals in the supplement fulfill a need of the cells of the skin by directly providing collagen to a Dermal layer of skin.

The main action of the serum is to provide protection against sun effects and make skin glowy and wrinkles free.

It makes skin younger, beautiful, shiny, firmer, maintain flexibility, protect from free radicals and ultraviolet rays effect.  The product improves texture and overall appearance of skin. It claims to side effects at all if you have the healthy skin.

The product is available on a trial of 14 days to see if it really the best choice for you or not. You can order your Free Trial directly from their official just by paying for shipping and handling fee.

Everything you need to know about this product has given in Apex Serum of Life review.

If you've any question in your mind then feel free to ask or if you've experience of using this product then must share your unbiased reviews.

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Apex Serum of Life

Apex Serum of Life by Apex vitality is an anti-aging solution made for elder people whose skin getting rugged and broken.

  • Remove wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles
  • Make you look 2 to 5 years younger immediately
  • Deeply cleanse the skin and moisturize
  • Protect the skin against UVA and UVB rays
  • Available as Free Trial
  • Not Available in Local Stores
  • Not for People Under 18
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